Køpi is a self-organised housing project with people living in both the building and the Wagenplatz working together as Køpi Collective.

Køpi is now in our 31st year of DIY, alternative living, unfortunately, we received the worst possible news at a time when we should be celebrating our birthday. An eviction letter was issued for the Køpi Wagenplatz, which has started the legal fight for our home.

Køpiplatz has been home for over 20 years to all manner of artists, musicians, and people who have chosen a way of living outside of the standard four brick walls.

Køpi is also home and a host to a variety of other collectives. We have several spaces for live music, performances, forums, and soli events, as well as a kino, Sporthalle, infoshop, food not bombs and bicycle, printing, and building workshops. While many residents are active in the collectives, we welcome any members of the community to join and participate. All of these spaces and collectives are now under direct threat.

We see an attack on one of us as an attack on all of us. This is not the first time we have been forced to defend our home, and as always we will fight with everything we have. Homes are a human right.

Køpi Bleibt Risikokapital