Køpi and Køpi Wagenplatz Stands with Rigaer 94!

It has been proven time and again that the cops, the courts, and the city of Berlin are against autonomous projects.

We knew already that corrupt landowners and heartless politicians have no other interest than profit. Despite false promises, they would rather see us all wiped out.

In the past week alone, the court hearing which resulted in an immediate eviction title against Køpi Wagenplatz, and the continued harassment of Rigaer 94, has proven this once more.

The supposed fire safety inspections taking place in Rigaer 94 are nothing more than a ploy to try to force more people out of their homes and continue to shut down left and alternative projects and squats across Germany and globally.

We must stand in solidarity with each other, and help to defend each other’s spaces, or we stand to lose everything we have built up for the last several decades.

These spaces must be protected if we are to continue living the life we choose in the homes and centers we have built together.

All of us are the final stronghold of a free thinking Berlin and beyond. The state thinks by attempting to eradicate our spaces they can destroy our ability to organize and mobilize as a community.

We must prove them wrong!

The lines have clearly been drawn, which side will you fight on?

If they take our homes, we will take the streets!

Join us on the streets tonight at 20:00 starting at Boxhagener Platz in full solidarity with Rigaer 94 and all other endangered projects in Berlin and all over the world.

Wir bleiben alle